Pink Eye Symptoms

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Conjunctivitis is also referred to as sore eyes or pink eye. Symptoms need to be identified immediately to be able to administer remedies and prevent its spread. Pink eye symptoms are often misinterpreted as symptoms of other diseases.

The earliest to appear is the irritating feeling that something is in your eye. Without knowing it, you are already rubbing your eyes to try and remove that something which will now cause more irritation.

Pink eye symptoms also differ according to its cause, which can be caused viruses, bacteria or chemical. Pink eye symptoms caused by viruses include a watery discharge in the eye and an itchy feeling. Pink eye symptoms for viral infection usually start from one eye and then spread to the other.

The most common pink eye symptoms for bacterial cause include mucopurulent discharge which is commonly due to a pus producing bacteria. Other pink eye symptoms include severe crusting of the affected eye, redness of the eye, and local itchiness.

Symptoms for chemical injury usually have marked redness and usually present in the lower conjunctival sac. There can also be necrosis of the conjunctiva which is commonly caused by sodium hydroxide.

During the disease process, pink eye symptom changes. It can start from a pinkish to reddish appearance until your eye produces excessive tearing. Other symptoms also include blurring of vision due to the pus coming out of the eye. There is also pain when you apply pressure on your body.

Pink eye symptoms are generally the same regarding its cause. It is however important to determine specific symptoms which will aid in the administration of treatment and can prevent its spread or future complications. Pink eye symptoms usually start to disappear in 2 or 3 days if proper treatment has been taken and no further complication develops.